Introduction of Ancient Gynecology Herbalists.

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TCM Knowledge:Ancient Gynecology Herbalists Ancient Gynecology Herbalists mainly introduce traditional Chinese medicine herbalists who have done some study or outstanding study and application on Gynecology (medical department for women) or women's diseases, as for their contribution to the study and theory on gynecological disease, they are also known as Gynecology Herbalists. This part give introductions on [19] outstanding traditional Chinese medicine herbalists, about their biography and legend, their main books and academic thoughts, they are listed in the order of the epoch they lived, or according to the year their main works were published, totally [19] kinds of monographs on Gynecology (medical department for women) or women's diseases are introduced.

陳遷(Chén Qiān)
陳遷Chén Qiān  陳遷(Chén Qiān):his life and years is unknown in many details, ever lived during the years from the end of the Northern Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, a professional herbalist of gynecology and ever was called to treat ladies in the palace, the author of the book Milan Quan Shu(The Complete Book of Secret Orchid).more

薛軒(Xuē Xuān)
薛軒Xuē Xuān  薛軒(Xuē Xuān):a famous herbalist and gynecologist of the Southern Song Dynasty, native to Kunshan county, the ancestor of Zheng's gynecology, he is the author of a famous gynecological works, Kun Yuan Shi Bao(the Kun Essence is guaranteed).more

薛辛(Xuē Xīn)
薛辛Xuē Xīn  薛辛(Xuē Xīn):a herbalist ever lived during the Song Dynasty. He is proficient in medical skills, especially good at gynecology or woman's department, effective treatments results are achieved in most cases, well-known near and far, he is the author of the author of Nv Ke Wan Jin Fang and several other famous gynecology books.more

薛己(Xuē Jǐ)
薛己Xuē Jǐ  薛己(Xuē Jǐ):primarily he served as a herbalist of ulcers, later he became famous in internal medicine, and also mastered various departments including external, gynecology, and pediatrics, enjoyed fame at that time.He is the author of the gynecological works Nv Ke Cuo Yao(the Synopsis of Gynaecology).more

宋林臯(Sòng LínGāo)
宋林臯Sòng LínGāo  宋林臯(Sòng LínGāo):a well-known herbalist for gynecology or the department of women during the Ming Dynasty, specialized in the treatment of gynecology or women's disease, pregnancy, births, menstruation, and morbid leukorrhea, and has outstanding curative effects. The author of a masterpiece, Song Shi Nv Ke Mi Shu(the Synopsis of Song's Gynaecology).more

黃彥榮(Huáng Yànróng)
黃彥榮Huáng Yànróng  黃彥榮(Huáng Yànróng):herbalist and gynecologist ever lived during the Ming Dynasty, his previous generation family members are herbalists and professionals in gynecology, he is the author of the existing handwritten transcript Huang Shi Nv Ke(the Synopsis of Huang's Gynaecology) survived till today.more

王綸(Wáng Guān)
王綸Wáng Guān  王綸(Wáng Guān):herbalist ever lived during the middle of 15th century till the early of the 16th century, he was kind, upright honest and frank in nature, not cater to the vulgar taste, author of the gynecological works Jie Zhai Gong Tai Chan Yi An(the Births Cases of Jie Zhai Gong).more

陳文治(Chén Wénzhì)
陳文治Chén Wénzhì  陳文治(Chén Wénzhì):herbalist ever lived during the Ming Dynasty.He ever learns and studies classical medical works on self-effort, and has personally treated the diseases of patients in his area, and achieved considerable results, so he gradually refined his skills, he is the author of the gynecological book Guang Si Quan Jue.more

龔居中(Gōng Jūzhōng)
龔居中Gōng Jūzhōng  龔居中(Gōng Jūzhōng):ever lived during the 16th to 17th centuries, a herbalist of the Ming Dynasty. He has refined study with medical skills, good at internal, external, gynecology, and pediatrics, he is the author of the gynecological book Nv Ke Bai Xiao Quan Shu(the Efficacious Complete Book of Gynaecology).more

陶本學(Táo Běnxué)
陶本學Táo Běnxué  陶本學(Táo Běnxué):gynecologist and herbalist professional in obstetrics and gynecology, ever lived about during the 16th to 17th centuries of the Ming Dynasty, the author of Yun Yu Xuan Ji, an obstetrics reference book with practical values.more

莊履嚴(Zhuāng Lǚyán)
莊履嚴Zhuāng Lǚyán  莊履嚴(Zhuāng Lǚyán):herbalist ever lived during late period of the Ming Dynasty,good at writing poetry, specializing in medical skills, with extraordinary experience in diagnosis and treatment, and patients he ever saved are uncountable, he is the author of the gynecological book Fu Ke Bai Bian(the Differentiations in A Hundred Syndromes of Gynaecology).more

茅友芝(Máo Yǒuzhī)
茅友芝Máo Yǒuzhī  茅友芝(Máo Yǒuzhī):a herbalist and gynecologist ever lived during the Ming Dynasty, his family was professional in gynecology for generations since ancestors, he is the author of the book Mao Shi Nv Ke Mi Fang, a professional works on the identification and treatment of obstetrics syndromes.more

俞橋(Yú Qiáo)
俞橋Yú Qiáo  俞橋(Yú Qiáo):a herbalist of the Ming Dynasty, good at diagnosis and treatment of women's diseases, ever compiled a book Guang Si Yao Yu, a professional works focuses on the method of sound child-rearing(good birth and good care), and also on gynecological syndromes.more

胡文煥(Hú Wénhuàn)
胡文煥Hú Wénhuàn  胡文煥(Hú Wénhuàn):writer, bibliophile and famous engraver who ever lived during the Ming Dynasty, the author of Guang Si Xu Zhi(for more heirs that should be known), a book of gynecology and eugenics, most of the contents is selected from proven effective prescriptions or long-term accumulated life experience of the common people.more

袁黃(Yuán Huáng)
袁黃Yuán Huáng  袁黃(Yuán Huáng):herbalist and thinker ever lived during the late period of the Ming Dynasty, He is accomplished in the fields of calendar, laws, water conservancy, military affairs, etc., and he has written quite a lot in his life, he is the author of the gynecological book Qi Si Zhen Quan(the True Interpretation on Praying for Heirs).more

傅山(Fù Shān).
傅山Fù Shān  傅山(Fù Shān):a well-known Taoist scholar, calligrapher, and herbalist during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, good at miscellaneous diseases of gynecology and internal, and he pays attention to folk prescription and proven prescription, he is the author of gynecological works Fu Qing Zhu Nv Ke(the Gynecology by Fu Qingzhu).more

葉桂(Yè Guì)
葉桂Yè Guì  葉桂(Yè Guì):a famous herbalist in the Qing Dynasty and one of the four major professionals in the science of epidemic febrile disease of traditional Chinese medicine, author of the gynecological book Ye Shi Nǚ Ke Zhèng Zhì(the Syndromes and Therapeutics of Ye's Gynaecology), mainly based on the treatment prescriptions of obstetrics and gynecology.more

何夢瑤(Hé Mèngyáo)
何夢瑤Hé Mèngyáo  何夢瑤(Hé Mèngyáo):he was born in Nanhai, Guangdong and a famous herbalist during the Qing Dynasty, made major breakthroughs in the medical research and debate on the treatment of various warm disease and febrile disease in the area of Lingnan, he is the aauthor of the gynecological book Fu Ke Liang Fang(the Effective Prescription of Gynecology).more

何應豫(Hé Yīngyù)
何應豫Hé Yīngyù  何應豫(Hé Yīngyù):a herbalist ever lived during the Qing Dynasty, he was native to Shanyin. His life and deeds are unknown in details, he is the author of the gynecological book Fu Ke Bei Kao(the References of Gynaecology), a professional book on obstetrics and gynecology.more

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