Lingzhi mushroom:Other Identified Special Species.

TCM Herbalism:Medicinals and Classifications. ✵The article gives records of the herb other identified special species of Lingzhi mushroom, its English name, Latin name, property and flavor, with a detailed introduction to the botanical features of these other identified special species of Lingzhi mushroom, the growth characteristics, and ecological environment of these fungus species, the features of these fungus species, its pharmacological actions, medicinal efficacy, and administration guide.

Other Identified Special Species of Lingzhi mushroom.

 Except for the species which defined by Common herbal classics, and those cultivated species of Ganoderma, and other identified wild species of the Lingzhi Mushrooms commonly species. There are other identified special species not commonly used. These special wild species are introduced as:(21).Ganoderma curtisii.(22).Ganoderma daiqingshanense,(23).Ganoderma flexipes,(24).Ganoderma kunmingense,(25).Ganoderma ramosissimum,(26).Ganoderma rotundatum,(27).Ganoderma sichuanense,(28).Ganoderma submubraculum,(29).Ganoderma theaecolum,(30).Ganoderma amboineuse,(31).Ganoderma austro fujianense,(32).Ganoderma cochlear,(33).Ganoderma crebrostriatum,(34).Ganoderma dahlia,(35).Ganoderma fornicatum,(36).Ganoderma fulvellum,(37).Ganoderma guinanense,(38).Ganoderma luteomarginatum,(39).Ganoderma magniporum,(40).Ganoderma mastoporum,(41).Ganoderma mediosinense,(42).Ganoderma mirivelutinum,(43).Ganoderma ochrolaccatum,(44).Ganoderma parviungulatum,(45).Ganoderma simaoense,(46).Ganoderma tibetanum,(47).Ganoderma chenghaiense,(48).Ganoderma tsunodae,(49).Ganoderma formosanum,(50).Ganoderma multplea,(51).Ganoderma australe,(52).Ganoderma sanmingense,(53).Ganoderma annulate,(54).Ganoderma bawanglingense,(55).Ganoderma brownie,(56).Ganoderma aensiionatum,(57).Ganoderma diaoluoshanense,(58).Ganoderma limushanense,(59).Ganoderma meijjaganse,(60).Ganoderma philipii,(61).Ganoderma shangsiense,(62).Ganoderma trianglatum,(63).Ganoderma nugntum,(64).Ganoderma koningsbergii., etc.


No. Ganoderma curtisiiNo. Ganoderma daiqingshanense
(21). Ganoderma curtisii Berk.Murrill. 
(22). Ganoderma daiqingshanense J.D.Zhao. 
No. Ganoderma flexipesNo. Ganoderma kunmingense
(23). Ganoderma flexipes Pat. 
(24). Ganoderma kunmingense J. D. Zhao. 
No. Ganoderma ramosissimumNo. Ganoderma rotundatum
(25). Ganoderma ramosissimum J.D.Zhao. 
(26). Ganoderma rotundatum J.D.Zhao. 
No. Ganoderma sichuanenseNo. Ganoderma submubraculum
(27). Ganoderma sichuanense J.D. Zhao & X.Q. Zhang. 
(28). Ganoderma submubraculum Imazeki. 
No. Ganoderma theaecolumNo. Ganoderma amboineuse
(29). Ganoderma theaecolum J. D. Zhao. 
(30). Ganoderma amboinense Lam.Pat. 
No. Ganoderma austro fujianenseNo. Ganoderma cochlear
(31). Ganoderma austro fujianense J. D. Zhao. 
(32). Ganoderma cochlear Blume et Nees Bres. 
No. Ganoderma crebrostriatumNo. Ganoderma dahlia
(33). Ganoderma crebrostriatum Zhao et Xu. 
(34). Ganoderma dahlii Henn Aoshima. 
No. Ganoderma fornicatumNo. Ganoderma fulvellum
(35). Ganoderma fornicatum Fr.Pat. 
(36). Ganoderma fulvellum Bres. 
No. Ganoderma guinanenseNo. Ganoderma luteomarginatum
(37). Ganoderma guinanense J.D.Zhao et X.Q.Zhang 
(38). Ganoderma luteomarginatum J.D.Zhao,L.W.Hsu et X.Q.Zhang 
No. Ganoderma magniporumNo. Ganoderma mastoporum
(39). Ganoderma magniporum 
(40). Ganoderma mastoporum Lév Pat. 
No. Ganoderma mediosinenseNo. Ganoderma mirivelutinum
(41). Ganoderma mediosinense J.D.Zhao. 
(42). Ganoderma mirivelutinum J.D.Zhao. 
No. Ganoderma ochrolaccatumNo. Ganoderma parviungulatum
(43). Ganoderma ochrolaccatum Mont Pat. 
(44). Ganoderma parviungulatum J.D.Zhao et X.Q.Zhang. 
No. Ganoderma simaoenseNo. Ganoderma tibetanum
(45). Ganoderma parviungulatum J.D.Zhao et X.Q.Zhang. 
(46). Ganoderma tibetanum J.D.Zhao et X.Q.Zhang. 
No. Ganoderma chenghaienseNo. Ganoderma tsunodae
(47). Ganoderma chenghaiense J.D.Zhao. 
(48). Ganoderma tsunodae. 
No. Ganoderma formosanumNo. Ganoderma multplea
(49). Ganoderma formosanum Chang et Chen. 
(50). Ganoderma multplea D.Hou. 
No. Ganoderma australeNo. Ganoderma sanmingense
(51). Ganoderma australe Fr.Pat. 
(52). Ganoderma sanmingense J.D. Zhang et X.Q. Zhang. 

Other Species of Lingzhi mushroom.

 There are about 250 kinds of Fungus of the Ganoderma genus, in China, there are almost 98~100 species of fungus found to belong to the 4 Ganoderma genera, and Ganodermataceae family, they grow and spread from south to north.

 Mountain Field The herbal values of the Ganoderma fungus are recorded in herbal classics, and there are three species among the Ganoderma genus that are suggested by official herbal classics with values for the therapeutical purpose, they are known as the species: (1). Ganoderma lucidum, it is also known as LingZhi(Línɡ Zhī) or Chi Zhi(Chì Zhī), literally, Chì Zhī means "Red Lingzhi Mushroom", (2). Ganoderma sinense, also known as Zǐ Zhī, literally Zǐ Zhī means "Purple Lingzhi Mushroom", and (3). Ganoderma tsugae, also known as Sōng Zhī, literally Sōng Zhī means "Pine Tree Lingzhi Mushroom".These 3 commonly used species are introduced at: Introduction of Ling Zhi: Lucid Ganoderma or Ganoderma Lucidium.more

 Other Cultivated Species of Lingzhi mushroom:Except for the species which defined and recommended by Common herbal classics,(1).Ganoderma lucidum(Leyss.ex Fr.)Karst.,or (2).Ganoderma sinense Zhao, Xu et Zhang. There are several other species of Ganoderma cultivated in China nowadays, they are known including species:(3).Ganoderma tsugae, (4).Ganoderma hainanense, (5).Ganoderma multiplicatum, (6).Ganoderma tenue, (7).Ganoderma atrum., (8).Ganoderma shandongense. These commonly cultivated species are introduced at: Lingzhi mushroom:Other Cultivated Species.more

 Other Identified Common Species of Lingzhi mushroom:Except the species which defined by Common herbal classics,(1).Ganoderma lucidum(Leyss.ex Fr.)Karst.,or (2).Ganoderma sinense Zhao, Xu et Zhang. And those cultivated species of Ganoderma, (3).Ganoderma tsugae, (4).Ganoderma hainanense, (5).Ganoderma multiplicatum, (6).Ganoderma tenue, (7).Ganoderma atrum. There are some other identified wild species of the Lingzhi Mushrooms could be used, they are known commonly including species:(9).Ganoderma boninense, (10).Ganoderma calidophilum, (11).Ganoderma monglicum, (12).Ganoderma resinaceum, (13).Ganoderma valesiacum, (14).Ganoderma ahmadii, (15).Ganoderma capense, (16).Ganoderma tropicum, (17).Ganoderma duropora, (18).Ganoderma applanatum, (19).Ganoderma gibbosum, (20).Ganoderma lobatum, etc. These usable wild field species are introduced at: Lingzhi mushroom:Other Identified Common Species.more



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  • 1.Introduction of Ling Zhi:Lucid Ganoderma or Ganoderma Lucidium.
  • 2.Lingzhi mushroom:Other Identified Special Species.

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