Dispelling Wind-Damp Herbs.

TCM Herbalism:Medicinals and Classifications. ✵The TCM herbalism is also known as pharmaceutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Chinese pharmaceutics, is the branch of health science dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of Chinese herbs. It is majorly composed of Introduction of Chinese Medicinals, Classification of Chinese Herbs, Formulas, and Patent medicines.

Classifications of Herbs:Dispelling Wind-Damp Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon06 Introduction: Dispelling Wind-Damp Herbs: an agent or substance herbs that dispels wind and damp, mainly for relieving rheumatism and related conditions.

Classifications of Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon 05 Introduction: The Dispelling Wind-Damp Herbs are known including:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

 ✵Till the date Oct 10th,2019, there are Totally [21] kinds of common TCM herbs, [45] kinds of related plant species, are recorded in this category. These Dispelling Wind-Damp Herbs are briefly introduced separately:

Rhizoma seu Radix Notopterygii(Notopterygium Rhizome or Root).

 Notopterygium Rhizome Brief Introduction: The Herb Rhizoma seu Radix Notopterygii is the dried rhizome or root of Notopterygium incisum Ting ex H.T.Chang or Notopterygium forbesii Boiss.(family Umbelliferae), used to dispel wind, cold and damp for the treatment of wind-cold affliction, and wind-cold-damp(rheumatic or rheumatoid) arthralgia, especially that of the upper part of the body.more
Radix Angelicae Pubescentis(Doubleteeth Pubescent Angelica Root).

 Radix Angelicae Pubescentis Brief Introduction: The Herb Radix Angelicae Pubescentis is the dried root of Angelica pubescens Maxim.f.biserrata Shan et Yuan(family Umbelliferae), used to dispel wind-damp, relieve arthralgia and release the superficies for wind-cold-damp(rheumatic or rheumatoid) arthalgia, especially that of the lower part of the body, and affliction of wind-cold with damp.more
Radix Clematidis(Chinese Clematis Root).

 Chinese Clematis Root Brief Introduction: The Herb Radix Clematidis is the dried root and rhizome of Clematis chinensis Osbeck, Clematis hexapetala Pall. or Clematic manshurica Rupr.(family Ranunculaceae), used (1).to dispel wind-damp and unblock the collateral meridian for treating wind-damp(rheumatic or rheumatoid) arthralgia, and (2).for the dissolution of fishbone stuck in the throat. It is commonly known as Clematis Root, Root of Chinese Clematis, Root of Sixpetal Clematis.more
Radix Gentianne Macrophyllae(Large-leaf Gentian Root).

 Large-leaf Gentian Root Brief Introduction: The Herb Radix Gentianne Macrophyllae is the dried root of Gentiana macrophylla Pall. Gentiana straminea Maxim., Gentiana dahurica Fisch.(family Gentianaceae), used (1).to dispel wind-damp, relieve arthralgia and clear consumptive heat for the treatment of wind-damp(rheumatic or rheumatoid) pain, and also for fever in phthisis, and (2).to remove damp-heat for treating jaundice.more
Fructus Chaenomelis(Common Flowering-quince Fruit).

 Fructus Chaenomelis Brief Introduction: The Herb Fructus Chaenomelis is the dried ripe fruit of Chaenomeles speciosa(Sweet)Nakai(family Rosaceae), used (1).to soothe the tendons and unblock collateral meridians for treating wind-damp(rheumatoid) arthralgia with contracture, and (2).to dispel damp and harmonize the stomach for treating vomiting and diarrhea with systremma.more
Herba Siegesbeckiae(Siegesbeckia Herb).

 Siegesbeckia Herb Brief Introduction: The Herb Herba Siegesbeckiae is the dried aerial part of Siegesbeckia orientalis L., Siegesbeckia pubescens Makino or Siegesbeckia glabrescens Makino(family Compositae), used (1).to dispel wind-damp and unblock collateral meridians for treating wind-damp(rheumatic or rheumatoid) arthralgia, and (2).to clear heat and counteract toxins for treating boils, sores, abscesses, and ulcers.more
Ramulus Mori(Mulberry Twig).

 Mulberry Twig Brief Introduction: The Herb Ramulus Mori is the dried young twig of Morus alba L.(family Moraceae), used as an antirheumatic for treating arthralgia and shoulder pain.more
Caulis Piperis Kadsurae(Kadsura Pepper Stem).

 Kadsura Pepper Stem Brief Introduction: The Herb Caulis Piperis Kadsurae is the dried stem of Piper kadsura(Choisy)Ohwi.(family Piperaceae), used to dispel wind-damp, unblock the meridian, disperse cold and alleviate pain for treating rheumatalgia of the joints with muscular contracture and traumatic pains.more
Caulis Trachelospermi(Chinese Starjasmine Stem).

 Chinese Starjasmine Stem Brief Introduction: The Herb Caulis Trachelospermi is the dried stem with the leaf of Trachelospermum jasminoides(Lindl.) Lem.(family Apocynaceae), used to dispel wind-damp, unblock the meridians, cool the blood and reduce swelling in the treatment of rheumatalgia of the joints with muscular contracture, as well as a sore throat.more
Rhizoma Homalomenae(Obscured Homalomena Rhizome).

 Rhizoma Homalomenae Brief Introduction: The Herb Rhizoma Homalomenae is the dried rhizome of Homalomena occulta(Lour.) Schott(family Araceae), used to dispel wind-damp, strengthen tendons and bones, and alleviate rheumatic pain for treating rheumatoid arthritis with cold sensation and pain in the back and knees, and contracture of the lower limbs.more
Cortex Acanthopanacis(Slenderstyle Acanthopanax Bark).

 Cortex Acanthopanacis Brief Introduction: The Herb Cortex Acanthopanacis is the dried root-bark of Acanthopanax gracilistylus W.W. Smith(family Araliaceae), used to dispel wind-damp, strengthen the tendons and bones, and induce diuresis in the treatment of rheumatic conditions, and edema.more
Cortex Erythrinae(Coral-bean Bark).

 Cortex Erythrinae Brief Introduction: The Herb Cortex Erythrinae is the dried bark of Erythrina variegata L.var.orientalis(L.) Merr., or Erythrina arborescens Roxb.(family Legumonisae), used to dispel wind-damp, unblock the collateral meridians and relieve itching in cases of rheumatalgia, and also externally for treating neurodermatitis and chronic eczema.more
Retinervus Luffae Fructus(Luffa Vegetable Sponge).

 Luffa Vegetable Sponge Brief Introduction: The Herb Retinervus Luffae Fructus is the dried vascular bundles of the ripe fruit of Luffa cylindrica(L.) Roem.(family Cucurbitaceae), used to dispel wind, unblock collateral meridians, and relieve toxins for treating rheumatalgia with muscular contracture, and also for treating mastitis. The herb is commonly known as Towel Gourd Vegetable Sponge, Vegetable Sponge of Luffa, Sī Guā Luò.more
Herba Lycopodii(Common Club-moss Herb).

 Herba Lycopodii Brief Introduction: The Herb Herba Lycopodii is the dried entire plant of Lycopodium japonicum Thunb.(family Lycopodiaceae), used to dispel wind-damp and relieve contracture in cases of arthralgia with stiffness.more
Herba Erodii seu Geranii(Heron's Bill or Wilford Ganesbill Herb).

 Wilford Ganesbill Herb Brief Introduction: The Herb Herba Erodii seu Geranii is the dried aerial part of Erodium stephanianum Willd., or Geranium wilfordii Maxim.(family Geraniaceae), used to dispel wind-damp, unblock collateral meridians and arrest dysenteric diarrhea in cases of rheumatalgia with muscular contracture, and also for treating enteritis and dysentery.more
Folium Liriodendra Tracheotomy(Glory bower Leaf).

 Glory bower Leaf Brief Introduction: The Herb Folium Liriodendra Tracheotomy is the dried leaf of Clerodendrum trichotomum Thunb.(family Verbenaceae), used to dispel wind-damp and reduce high blood pressure in cases of rheumatism and hypertension.more
Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae(Chuan Di Long).

 Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae Brief Introduction: The Herb Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae is the dried rhizome of Dioscorea nipponica Makino(family Dioscoreaceae), used to dispel wind-damp, activate blood circulation, unblock collateral meridians and resolve phlegm in the treatment of rheumatalgia, sprain, traumatic pains, and chronic cough with expectoration.more
Radix Cynanchi Paniculati(Paniculate Swallowwort Root).

 Paniculate Swallowwort Root Brief Introduction: The Herb Radix Cynanchi Paniculati is the dried root and rhizome of Cynanchum paniculatum(Bge.) Kitag.(family Asclepiadaceae), used to unblock collateral meridians, alleviate pain, relieve toxicity and reduce swelling for treating rheumatalgia, toothache, lumbago, traumatic injuries, dysmenorrhea, and eczema. The herb is also known as Paniculate Swallowwort Root, Radix Cynanchi Paniculati or Xú Cháng Qīng.more
Caulis Sinomenii(Orientvine Stem).

 Orientvine Stem Brief Introduction: The Herb Caulis Sinomenii is the dried lianoid stem of Sinomenium acutum(Thunb.) Rehd.et Wils., or Sinomenium acutum var.cinereum Rehd.et Wils.(family Menispermaceae), used to dispel wind-damp and alleviate pain in cases of rheumatic arthritis, articular swelling and pain.more
Cortex Periplocae(Chinese Silkvine Bark).

 Cortex Periplocae Brief Introduction: The Herb Cortex Periplocae is the dried root-bark of Periploca sepium Bge.(family Asclepiadaceae), used to dispel wind-damp in cases of rheumatic arthritis, and induce diuresis for edema.more
Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae(Fourstamen Stephania Root).

 Fourstamen Stephania Root Brief Introduction: The Herb Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae is the dried root of Stephania tetrandra S.Moore (family Menispermaceae), used to dispel wind-damp, induce diuresis in cases of rheumatic arthritis, edema, and oliguria.more

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